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Sermon On The Mount

Sermon on the Mount

Former soap opera star Frank Runyeon will present “Sermon on the Mount” at Saint Mary (Immaculate Conception) Parish in Altoona on October 15 at 1:00 p.m. at the parish’s Memorial Hall, 1420 4th Avenue.

Runyeon sets the famous Sermon in a revealing new setting as told by the apostle Matthew to the church in Antioch shortly after the Roman army has burned Jerusalem to the ground. In this dramatic setting, suddenly the lines heard so often have new meaning, and the very human stories of the people who Matthew may have addressed come to life.

The performance is followed by “Hollywood vs. Faith,” in which Runyeon discusses — with humor — the very different values the media are teaching and the choices we face daily as Americans and as people of faith.

Frank Runyeon has performed Biblical texts for hundreds of thousands of people in virtually every state in America. He is probably best known from his many years on television. He starred opposite Meg Ryan on As the World Turns, won two Emmy Awards as a cast member on Santa Barbara, and guest starred on Falcon Crest, Another World, Melrose Place, and L.A. Law.

Tickets are $20 for reserved seats; $5 for general admission. Please reserve your seat by contacting Saint Mary Parish.

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