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The entire Church is meant to be Missionary in nature. To be a missionary is to be sent. As God sent His Son to us, His Son sends us forth. That is the Mission, to proclaim the Kingdom of God to a world that is hurting, and aching to hear Good News.

The Missions Office promotes the Missionary vision and action of the Church in our diocese. The office brings visiting missionaries to diocesan parishes through the Missionary Cooperative Program, encourages children to help children through the Missionary Childhood Association, highlights the work of Catholic Relief Services and encourages donations through programs like Operation Rice Bowl, supports Catholic Home Missions in areas of the country with a Catholic population too small to support a parish, stands in solidarity with our twin diocese in Mandeville, Jamaica, and encourages everyone in the diocese to become missionaries, both at home and abroad.

Andre McCarville

Director of Missions/Family Life

Maureen Roberts


World Mission Sunday - October 23, 2022

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Volunteer Network

Pontifical Mission Societies

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