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Liturgy, the public prayer of the Church, is at the heart of Catholic life. Worship grounds our identity in relationship to God and one another. As stated by the Second Vatican Council, the Liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed. The Liturgy Office assists the Bishop, the Chief Liturgist of the Diocese, in overseeing prayerful and reverent liturgy throughout the Diocese.

Office of Liturgy
(814) 695-5579


Providing clergy and parishes with universal and Episcopal directives, helping to clarify and explain liturgical principles.

Providing guidelines to assist pastors with their Parish Liturgy Committees in the preparation and celebration of the sacraments, public celebration of Liturgy of Hours and praying of Catholic devotions.

Assisting faith communities in their efforts to provide holy and reverent liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations.

Offering regular workshops for liturgical ministers and eight-week classes on liturgical principles.

Providing catechesis on pertinent liturgical matters by way of seasonal mailings and weekly church bulletin inserts.

Working with a fifteen member Diocesan Liturgy Committee that addresses the liturgical life of the Local Church. This Committee names those areas of liturgical life in the Diocese to the attention of the Bishop; sub-committees exist in the areas of education, music, pastoral concerns, and renovation and building of worship spaces.


Most Rev. Mark L. Bartchak — Bishop and Chief Liturgist
Mrs. Anne Burkholder
Mr. Mark Geleski (Vice Chair)
Ms. Patricia Gildea
Mrs. Debbie Hetrick
Mr. Daniel Hutchison
Ms. Joan McGreevey
Mrs. Penny Nester
Mr. George Pisula (Chairperson)
Mr. Stan Popich
Mrs. Teresa Shupp
Very Rev. Anthony Francis Spilka, OFM Conv.
Mrs. Mary Ann Spychalski — Recording Secretary
Mrs. Judith Wahl
Mrs. Mary Lou Waugerman
Mr. William Zierke


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