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Family Life

Mental Illness/Addiction Assistance

Catholic Charities

If you or a family member have needs related to addiction, Catholic Charities’ counselors can offer help and support.

Catholic In Recovery

A website dedicated to Catholics who are struggling with addiction and looking for freedom through the Grace of God in the 12-step process.

SAMHSA National Hotline

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Marriage Preparation

Natural Family Planning


Parenting Resources

Expectant Moms In Need Resources

Pro-Life Ministry

Divorced and Separated Ministry

Single Parents

Grief and Consolation Ministry

Mental Illness/ Addiction Assistance

Pornography Addiction

Publications for Purchase

Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Trafficking

Children of Divorce

End of Life Ministry

Resources/Ministry for Persons With Disabilities

Family Life Office

Andre McCarville

Maureen Roberts


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