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Catholic Ministries Drive

The 2021 Catholic Ministries Drive is underway. The theme is Be a Disciple of Hope. This year’s goal is $2,247,794.

The Catholic Ministries Drive directly supports 14 ministries under the umbrella of Forming Clergy/Laity, Nurturing Youth, and Caring for the Poor/Strengthening Families. In other words, the CMD is a lifeline for the Diocesan Church to continue its vital mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through those ministries. While weekly collection envelopes support the good work at parishes, the Catholic Ministries Drive allows the diocese to build up the Catholic faith on a broader level.

The 14 ministries supported by the Catholic Ministries Drive are:

  • Adult Enrichment
  • Campus Ministry
  • Catholic Charities
  • Christian Initiation
  • Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica
  • Educating Youth
  • Evangelization
  • Family Life
  • Fulton County Catholic Mission
  • Lay Ecclesial Ministry
  • Ongoing Formation of Clergy
  • Priestly Vocations
  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Youth Ministry

In his CMD message to the faithful, Bishop Mark noted that Pope Francis describes a disciple of hope as someone who stands by, with, and for those who need the gift of hope.

“In response to the gift of hope, the Lord Jesus asks us to accompany others on our journey to the Father,” wrote the Bishop. “I am grateful for everyone’s help in this mission of accompaniment. The year 2021 is a time for everyone to BE A DISCIPLE OF HOPE! By participating in the Catholic Ministries Drive, your contributions support those who accompany and those who are accompanied on their journey.”

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