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Media Advisories

Father Donald Dusza DownloadPreview
Office Relocation DownloadPreview
Father Stephen Gergel DownloadPreview
Bishop's Triduum-Easter Schedule 2019 DownloadPreview
Restoration of Precious Blood DownloadPreview
Adamec Funeral Plans DownloadPreview
Adamec Obituary DownloadPreview
Monsignor Robert Mazur DownloadPreview
Flu Season Directives 2019 DownloadPreview
Saint John Vianney Relic Pilgrimage DownloadPreview
Statement to the Media from the Independent Oversight Board DownloadPreview
Restructuring DownloadPreview
Victim Assistance Program DownloadPreview
Passing of Father Daniel O'Neill DownloadPreview
Synagogue Shooting DownloadPreview
Federal Grand Jury Subpoena DownloadPreview
Statement from PA Bishops DownloadPreview
Youth Protection Training Sessions 2018 DownloadPreview
Faith Day 2018 DownloadPreview
Director of Education Office DownloadPreview
Prince Gallitzin Cross 2018 Honorees DownloadPreview
Monsignor Timothy Stein DownloadPreview
Flu Season Directives Lifted 2018 DownloadPreview
24 Hours for the Lord DownloadPreview
Ecumenical Services 2018 DownloadPreview
Education Director to Retire DownloadPreview
Children and Youth Protection Office DownloadPreview
Flu Season Directives 2018 DownloadPreview
SHYCON 2017 DownloadPreview
Disaster Relief Collection DownloadPreview
Wedding Anniversary Liturgies 2017 DownloadPreview
Hurricane Harvey Special Collection DownloadPreview
Review Board DownloadPreview
Ordination 2017 DownloadPreview
Prince Gallitzin Cross 2017 Honorees DownloadPreview
Restoration of Precious Blood DownloadPreview
Prince Gallitzin Cross 2017 DownloadPreview
Bishop's Night for Vocations 2017 DownloadPreview
Flu Season Directives 2017 DownloadPreview
Catholic Schools Week 2017 DownloadPreview
March for Life 2017 DownloadPreview
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