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Outdoor Mass For Married Couples

Outdoor Mass for Married Couples

Bishop Mark celebrated the annual outdoor Mass for married couples on July 15 at the Our Lady of the Alleghenies Shrine in Loretto.  During the Liturgy, husbands and wives had the opportunity to renew their commitment to each other.

In his homily, this Bishop told the story of a nephew in shock after his 83 year old uncle — a bachelor his entire life — announced he was getting married. When the nephew asked his uncle if he was marrying the woman because she was young and beautiful, wealthy, or a great cook, the uncle replied he was marrying her because she can drive at night.

“Uncle Joe was not about just sitting at home,” the Bishop said. “He wanted to be on the move; he wanted to be out there where life is lived. But Uncle Joe knew he could not and should not do that alone. It’s about accompaniment; it’s about living and experiencing life along with others and for others.”

The Bishop continued, “Jesus is reminding us that we all need someone who can drive at night. We need help and encouragement from each other and for each other to carry out the mission that we are all given. Pope Francis puts it in such simple words when he says it is a mission of mercy, it is a mission of accompanying each other; it is a mission of discovering and encountering the living presence of the Lord Jesus in the lives of each other.”

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