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The list below identifies Diocesan priests who were the subject of credible
allegations of sexual abuse of minors and the current status of each.


Name: Ackerson, Francis
Status: Deceased


Name: Biller, Harold
Status: Deceased

James Bunn

Name: Bunn, James
Status: Removed from Public Ministry

Dennis Coleman

Name: Coleman, Dennis
Status: Deceased

Elwood Figurelle

Name: Figurelle, Elwood F.
Status: Deceased

Bernard Grattan

Name: Grattan, Bernard V.
Status: Laicized

William Kovach

Name: Kovach, William
Status: Deceased

Francis Luddy

Name: Luddy, Francis
Status: Deceased

Francis McCaa

Name: McCaa, Francis
Status: Deceased

Daniel O'Friel

Name: O’Friel, Daniel
Status: Deceased

James Skupien

Name: Skupien, James
Status: Deceased

Joseph Bender

Name: Bender, Joseph
Status: Deceased

John Boyle

Name: Boyle, John
Status: Deceased

Thomas Carroll

Name: Carroll, Thomas M.
Status: Deceased


Name: Crouse, William
Status: Deceased

Joseph Gaborek

Name: Gaborek, Joseph
Status: Laicized

George D. Koharchik

Name: Koharchik, George D.
Status: Laicized

Thomas Lemmon (Deacon)

Name: Lemmon, Thomas (Deacon)
Status: Deceased

Joseph D. Maurizio

Name: Maurizio, Joseph D.
Status: Incarcerated

Martin McCamley

Name: McCamley, Martin D.
Status: Removed from Public Ministry

William Rosensteel

Name: Rosensteel, William A.
Status: Deceased

Joseph Strittmatter

Name: Strittmatter, Joseph
Status: Deceased

The list below identifies Diocesan priests who have been placed on leave from
public ministry by the Bishop of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown as a result of
receipt of an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. This measure remains in
effect until a final decision is reached concerning the allegation.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” el_class=”table-list-priests”]NAME|Arseneault%2C%20Father%20David|Bodziak%2C%20Father%20Charles|Cingle%2C%20Father%20Martin|Coveney%2C%20Father%20James|Dusza%2C%20Father%20Donald|Gergel%2C%20Stephen%20J.%20(Already%20retired%20when%20allegation%20received)|Kelly%2C%20Father%20Robert|Little%2C%20Monsignor%20Anthony|Mancini%2C%20Nicholas%20J.%20(Already%20retired%20when%20allegation%20received)|Mazur%2C%20Monsignor%20Robert%20|Misurda%2C%20Father%20Matthew|Petracca%2C%20Father%20Anthony|Rizzo%2C%20Father%20David[/vc_table]

The individuals listed above are not permitted to serve in ministry or function as a priest.

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