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The list below identifies Diocesan priests who were the subject of credible
allegations of sexual abuse of minors and the current status of each.


Name: Ackerson, Francis
Status: Deceased


Name: Biller, Harold
Status: Deceased

James Bunn

Name: Bunn, James
Status: Removed from Public Ministry

Dennis Coleman

Name: Coleman, Dennis
Status: Deceased

Elwood Figurelle

Name: Figurelle, Elwood F.
Status: Deceased

Bernard Grattan

Name: Grattan, Bernard V.
Status: Laicized

William Kovach

Name: Kovach, William
Status: Deceased

Francis Luddy

Name: Luddy, Francis
Status: Deceased

Francis McCaa

Name: McCaa, Francis
Status: Deceased

Daniel O'Friel

Name: O’Friel, Daniel
Status: Deceased

James Skupien

Name: Skupien, James
Status: Deceased

Joseph Bender

Name: Bender, Joseph
Status: Deceased

John Boyle

Name: Boyle, John
Status: Deceased

Thomas Carroll

Name: Carroll, Thomas M.
Status: Deceased


Name: Crouse, William
Status: Deceased

Joseph Gaborek

Name: Gaborek, Joseph
Status: Laicized

George D. Koharchik

Name: Koharchik, George D.
Status: Laicized

Thomas Lemmon (Deacon)

Name: Lemmon, Thomas (Deacon)
Status: Deceased

Joseph D. Maurizio

Name: Maurizio, Joseph D.
Status: Incarcerated

Martin McCamley

Name: McCamley, Martin D.
Status: Removed from Public Ministry

William Rosensteel

Name: Rosensteel, William A.
Status: Deceased

Joseph Strittmatter

Name: Strittmatter, Joseph
Status: Deceased

The list below identifies Diocesan priests who have been placed on leave from
public ministry by the Bishop of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown as a result of
receipt of an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. This measure remains in
effect until a final decision is reached concerning the allegation.

Arseneault, Father David
Bodziak, Father Charles
Cingle, Father Martin
Coveney, Father James
Dusza, Father Donald
Gergel, Stephen J. (Already retired when allegation received)
Kelly, Father Robert
Little, Monsignor Anthony
Mancini, Nicholas J. (Already retired when allegation received)
Mazur, Monsignor Robert
Misurda, Father Matthew
Petracca, Father Anthony
Rizzo, Father David

The individuals listed above are not permitted to serve in ministry or function as a priest.

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