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Catholic education is an extremely important element in the life of the Diocesan Church. We believe that religious education is a catechetical process that is understood in relation to the mission of Jesus Christ to proclaim the kingdom of God through word, teaching, worship, community and service.

While Catholic schools receive much of the public attention, education extends far beyond the confines of school buildings and far beyond the age of twelve or eighteen or even twenty-one.

Formation and education are necessary for the spiritual growth of mature Christians because developing theological understanding commensurate with our knowledge in other areas helps us to keep a healthy, holy balance in our lives.

Therefore education ministry in our Diocesan Church includes religious instruction and sacramental preparation for our children and continuing formation,education and catechesis for all persons.

Education Office

Phone: (814) 695-5579
Fax: (814) 949-8234

Ms. Jo-Ann Semko
Director of Education

Mrs. Peggy Beck
Executive Program Assistant


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