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Since 2001 the Second Century Scholarship Fund has accepted charitable contributions from individuals and businesses to assist students attending Catholic schools in Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Centre, Clinton and Somerset Counties.

The Second Century Fund is approved as a Scholarship Organization, a Pre-K Scholarship Organization and an Opportunity Scholarship Organization of the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).
This means we are permitted to convert tax credit contributions into scholarships if the credits are earned through the EITC-SO, PKTC or OSTC funding pools. [If you mistakenly received credits through the EITC-EIO pool, please call us to discuss options.]

Businesses of all sizes – from large corporations to family-owned companies and partnerships – may be eligible to earn tax credits against six Pennsylvania business taxes including Capital Stock and Corporate Net Income. Pass-through entities may pass the tax credits onto the personal income taxes of sharholders or partners.

The EITC legislation allows a business to re-direct a portion of its tax dollars to support families in the local community instead of paying taxes to Harrisburg.  An overview of the EITC program is available here.

New! Now Business Owners/Partners and Individual “Accredited Investors” can earn education tax credits by joining a special purpose entity.  Please review our Questions & Answers then contact us for additional details.

Other links:

Second Century Contribution Designation Form

Parents can access income guidelines for receiving EITC/OSTC/PKTC tax credit scholarships and the diocese’s FACTS financial aid application by opening this link.  For questions about financial aid, please contact the diocesan Education Office at (814) 693-1401.

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