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The 2017 diocesan campaign will begin several weeks after Easter Sunday.  Campaign details will be made available in the near future.

Campaign History

While calls for supporting the Church can be traced to both the Old and New Testament accounts, the current diocesan annual campaign began in 1980 when it was known as the Diocesan Development Fund (DDF).

Formerly known as the ACA, the new Catholic Ministries Fund now supports only specific ministries which are focused on: Caring for the Poor, Strengthening Families, Nurturing Our Youth and Forming Clergy and Laity.
All gifts received through December 31 are credited toward each parish’s target.
We aim to keep promotional expenses to less than 2¬Ę for every dollar raised. This means that 98% of your gift directly supported essential ministries. Only through the generosity of all Catholics are the Diocesan ministries able to advance the mission of Jesus Christ to their maximum potential.
New or additional gifts may be made through your parish, or through the Development Office. We are grateful for your ongoing support!
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