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Who are we?

The Commission for Life and Justice is composed of clergy, religious and lay faithful dedicated to creating a better understanding of the social teaching of the church and promoting a greater involvement in ministries that protect and promote human life and human dignity. The Commission was created by Bishop Joseph Adamec in 2001. It routinely sponsors workshops, speakers and retreats in various parts of the diocese to further educate and encourage individuals and parish groups about the many good works being performed within the diocesan church. The Commission meets regularly to plan activities and provide assistance to parish organizations engaged in daily efforts to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Interested individuals are invited to contact the Commission.

What we have to offer

If you are looking for information about what the Catholic Church teaches concerning specific issues of life and justice, this website is for you. Check the links listed under “Know God,” and “Know the Facts.”

If you are looking for support to develop your own response to the needs of those in your community or in your world, this website is for you.

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